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Still not dead

Still alive over here. Still sick.

Now, about A Dance with Dragons...

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Yay, yay, and boo, respectively!

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I didn't count the title initially, and boy did that make this scan wrong.

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I am opinion-free on ADWD!

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Oh good, I wasn't the only one.

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No, you weren't the only one. The comment email notification was worse:

Inigo Montoya (montoya) replied to your LiveJournal which you said:
> Still alive over here. Still sick.
> Now, about A Dance with Dragons...
Their reply was:
Yay, yay, and boo, respectively!

Now, all this could have been avoided if [ profile] montoya didn't hate Martin.

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I did a double-take. Good to get an update!

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Hooray!, for the most part.

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Glad to hear from you again. Hope to hear from you more often. :-)

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My goal is to post more often than Martin publishes. It's a low bar.
(But seriously, I will try not to fall off the map again.)

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Hey, I said I'd try to post. I reserve the right to fail miserably.
On that topic, has everyone migrated to Facebook or something? I would be more guilt-ridden about the prolonged radio silence if I knew people were still around over here.

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Once you have found one of us, it is very easy to find a great many of us. Also, hooray! Long time, yo.

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Who are you again?

(Good to know you're still alive!)

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Good to hear from you, and good to hear the non-sick parts of the entry...